Twiggy, The Water Skiing Squirrel Will No Longer Perform At The Toronto Boat Show!

No more Twiggy????

He’s become a main attraction at the annual Toronto Boat Show and other shows across North America, but we may not get to see Twiggy anymore…

The city’s animal services department notified organizers of the Toronto International Boat Show, which just wrapped up, that municipal regulations prohibit keeping an Eastern gray squirrel in captivity.

The bylaw states: 

Rodents are not prohibited as pets and it is against municipal regulations for businesses to use rodents in competitions, exhibitions, performances or events.  

So technically, Twiggy has been performing illegally…

The Toronto Wildlife Centre, a veterinary and rehab clinic for wild animals, had urged supporters to contact the city to complain about the squirrel’s performance.



Rodent shows began in 1979, since then there have been about 10 different Twiggys.

The Squirrel performer began in  Sanford Fla, by Chuck and Lou Ann Best and after an appearance on Good Morning America- Twiggy’s career took off!

After Mr. Best’s drowning death in 1997, his wife Lou Ann continued the show with an educational water safety focus, even ensuring that Twiggy had his own life jacket.   

Twiggy is a partner of both the Canadian Safe Boating Council and the National Safe Boating Council in America, promoting boating and life jacket safety.

The water skiing squirrel show has been a hit for years however.