Two Canadian Locations on Popular Travel List

Fodor's 2020 GO and NO lists released.

Fodor’s Travel has released its yearly GO and NO Lists.

The NO List has 13 places that they feel you ought to avoid. The come up with the list from their travel guides’ “personal experience as well as the events of the previous year and their effect on the next.”

The NO List contains places that “Don’t Want You” due to over-tourism like Barcelona where “there’s literally no room for the numbers who just keep coming”, Big Sur in California, and the temple complex in Angkor Wat where “the literal wear and tear brought on to the 900-year-old temples is having damaging effects on its foundations and structural integrity”.

Also on the list, “The Place That Could Kill You”, the Matterhorn in Switzerland; “The Sickly Coral Reefs in Need of Healing” like  Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Parque Nacional Arrecifes de Cozumel, Mexico; “The Places (Rightfully) Considering Charging Large Tourist Taxeslike Galapágos National Park; “The Places to Be Cautious About Drinking” like particular resorts in Mexico and Costa Rica; “The Tourist Attraction The Needs to Stop” Elephant rides in Thailand and, finally, “The City Safe for Tourists, Deadly for Residents” Cape Town South Africa.


The GO List

Two Canadian locations have made the 2020 list: Newfoundland and Vancouver Island.

Vancouver is lauded thus: “It isn’t difficult to find inspiration in the rugged beauty of Canada’s westernmost reaches, and it’s long been a remote escape from city life. It still plays this role, but a thriving foodie scene has also taken root, where fresh shellfish, wild salmon, foraged mushrooms, and craft spirits abound.”

Newfoundland is on the list for its “Clinking icebergs and remote artist communities”. Fodor writer Jen Rose Smith says “A parade of icebergs on Newfoundland’s northern coast are like 12,000-year-old postcards sent from the Arctic Circle: the towering chunks of ice drift south during the summer months. […]A warming climate means diminishing sea ice and fewer icebergs, so start planning now, before the frigid spectacle slows for good.”


Check out the complete 52-location GO List HERE.

Image: Natalie Lucier/Flickr “Iceberg in Newfoundland Canada” Creative Commons license