Two Sets Of Keys Stolen, Once By Mistake

Barrie, South Simcoe Police Both Called Over Stolen Keys

Seems like keys are the hot item to steal lately, be it accidental or no. Around 7:00 Wednesday evening, a panic woman called Barrie Police from a south end indoor playground, to say her coat had been stolen, with her car keys inside. As police investigated, the playground got a phone call. Someone grabbed the wrong jacket and was on the way back to return it, keys and all. Meanwhile, South Simcoe Police say the theft of keys from an Innisfil parking lot Wednesday evening was much more intentional. Two men were involved in a dispute when cops say one guy reached over and grabbed the keys from the other fella’s ignition, and drove off. Police got in touch with the suspect, and say the 21-year-old man turned himself in. He faces a Mischief charge.