Two-Thirds Of Adults Say They Don’t Act Their Age!

Never grow up!

According to a new survey, two-thirds of adults say they,  “don’t always act their age.”

For example, one is three have bombed down a kid’s slide in a playground, and one in four of us regularly please with lego.

In the survey, lots of adults admit that they would rather play childish games than hit the pub or go out clubbing.  

71 per cent of grown-ups think it’s important to embrace their inner child, to keep their health and wellbeing in good shape.  With so many adults trying to embrace their inner child, it’s no wonder giant ball pits are popping up at clubs and in office spaces.

Some adults just refuse to grow up admitting they have attempted to climb a tree in their adult life, blowing bubbles in their drink through a straw or crawling through a tunnel in a fort that they built!

And here are the 10 kid activities we still love to do now that we’re older . . .


1.  Play board games.

2.  Watch cartoons.

3.  Pop bubble wrap.

4.  Watch Disney movies.

5.  Blast our music.

6.  Watch kids’ TV shows.

7.  Play mini golf.

8.  Color a picture.

9.  Play with Legos.

10.  Go down a slide.