Types of Drunk

Which one are you? More than one may apply!

The happy drunk
This is the perfect state of drunk to achieve, it is that warm fuzzy feeling when the sweet nectar hits you, and everything feels warm and lively.


The emotional drunk
Usually happens from some sort of life event such as a nasty break up, and ends in you crying on a dance floor while swaying to a romantic ballad, with an empty glass in your hand.



 The supreme champion of banter drunk
A few drinks down the hatch, and suddenly you turn into a loud, potty mouthed, smart ass! You are full of the banter, the jokes about people’s mothers and you will attempt to steal a traffic cone.

The outrageous flirt drunk
Thanks to those beer goggles you’re making sexy eyes at anyone who looks your way.


The hungry drunk
All week you’ve been preparing healthy meals, going to the gym, counting your calories and generally leading a healthy lifestyle. You go for a drink, everything becomes hazy and you find yourself polishing off a family sized pizza all alone at the end of the night!

 The drama drunk
A total quest on the path of self-destruction. This type of drunk is characterized by texting an ex, splurging on a credit card and a general lack of self control.



The confessional drunk
It is a well known fact that there is no better time than at 11pm after a few happy hour cocktails to admit your deepest darkest secrets to your co-workers.

The dancing drunk
Nothing like a few drinks to transform even the shyest wallflower into a body popping, bum shaking, arm waving dancing queen.



The vomiting drunk
Poor you, it’s not that you have drunk too much, but you have just drunk something that did not agree with you.



The absolute drunk
No-one actually intends to get this drunk, it just somehow magically happens.