U2 Praises Canada During #Canada150 Performance In Ottawa

“When others build walls, you open doors. When others divide, your arms are open wide. Where you lead, others follow, and that’s the real reason we’re here today. … Thank you for the country you are continuing to build.”

To be honest, when I first heard that U2 was going to be performing on our all-Canadian stage, I thought that it wasn’t right because they’re not Canadian. We have so many great Canadian musicians, shouldn’t we be giving the stage to them?

But then I completely changed my mind and realized that this very thing that we’re doing by welcoming non-Canadians is one of the reasons Canada is so great. Also, they were donating their time as a birthday present to us in celebration of Canada 150. They didn’t even get paid. It would be so un-Canadian of us if we turned them away.

They performed their 1991-hit One to 45 000 people on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

And Bono even gave a touching speech:


Everyone seemed to be digging the fact that U2 came to our birthday party, even Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip:

Main Image via ottawacitizen.com