UK Police Release Suspect Photo on a Pancake!

Punny! ... because it's Shrove Tuesday!

Police in Surrey, in the south east of England, say they have teamed up with a crepe artist called Philippe de Pan to create a likeness of a suspect in a series of burglaries. Why use a pancake portrait? Well, it’s Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday, and doing it this way sure is getting a lot of attention.

Surrey Police continued the puns saying “We would like to establish if he is a crepe-tomaniac?”

Emergency Locate got into the game saying “I hope you manage to crêpe up on them and apprehend them safely!

Want some more pancake art? Well, it seems Phillippe De Pan is just a pun (get it?) and the crepe art may be nothing more than a computer manipulation!

However, there’s no shortage of great pancake art videos. Here are a few:


Image: Surrey Police/ Twitter