UK Schools Are Removing Analog Clocks Because Kids Can’t Tell Time!

It's a sad time!

Remember when you used to watch that clock in class, counting the times that second hand went around before the bell rang?  Yah, those days are done!  Remember learning to tell time with these?


Youths have become so accustomed to using digital devices that they are having trouble correctly reading time on analog clocks, forcing schools to replace them.

Phones, tablets and computers play such a huge role in their lives, they are constantly exposed to time in digital format, so seeing the time displayed in the old school format in hallways and classrooms can cause unnecessary stress for children. For this reason, some schools in the UK are removing analog clocks and replacing them with digital ones.

Until now, it was assumed that by the time students reach high school, they are able to read analog clocks, but this is often not the case anymore.

To make matters worse, earlier this year, a senior pediatric doctor warned that young children are finding it increasingly difficult to use analogue writing tools like pencils and pens, due to being exposed to phones and tablets all the time.