UK Study: Sperm Donation from Dead Men Should Be Allowed.

Likens it to organ donation

Is it even possible?


According a study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, sperm can be collected from men up to 48 hours after death, can be frozen and then used to create viable embryos.

But SHOULD it happen?


At least, according to the authors of the analysis, Dr Nathan Hodson, from the University of Leicester, and Dr Joshua Parker, from Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital.

They argue that sperm collected after death is like organ donation and should be permissible.

In the UK, for many reasons, including a law that requires sperm donors to allow the person created by their sperm to contact them after the age of 18, there is a severe shortage of donated sperm. Donating sperm after death may be a way to get more men to agree to become sperm donors.


What do you think?

Is a sperm donation, which could create a whole new life, similar to organ donation, which saves an already existing life?

Would you donate sperm after your death?


Image: Bob Williams/ Pixabay / Creative Commons