Uncle Jesse is in rehab! Plus Bill Cosby wife is standing by her man!

by Charlie V | Jul 13, 2015 Bill Cosby’s wife is standing by her man. […]

by Charlie V | Jul 13, 2015
Bill Cosby’s wife is standing by her man. She says that she is aware of the years of affairs and believes that all of the accusers did consent to drugs and sex…Camille Cosby, who is also his business manager said “I created him, I knew what I was getting and we’ll fix this,”

Wreck it Ralph 2 is a go! It’s understood Disney are in discussions with Nintendo over licensing over characters such as Mario & Luigi and Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Over the weekend at the box office!

The Minions have overtaken the Dinosaurs finally! Minions who may or may not be dropping F-bombs (McDonald’s Happy meal toys) opened with the second highest-grossing weekend in history for an animated movie bring in over $115 million!

Uncle Jessie in a different house right now!

Looks like Uncle Jessie was a little to excited about the Fuller House reunion! John Stamos has entered rehab! The actor checked himself into a residential program for Substance abuse! Last month, he was charged with a DUI after he was briefly hospitalized for an unknown medical condition!

Know these dates:

The Walking Dead: Season 6 – Sun Oct 11

WATCH THE NEW TRAILER HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va1UPrFXHKA

Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere – Sun Aug 23, 9p


Bobby Brown and his wife Alicia Ethridge welcomed a baby girl over the weekend.

Ethridge, who wed the R&B star in 2012, was induced at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on Saturday, TMZ reports. It was a rare bit of good news for Brown, whose daughter with late ex-wife Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, is entering her third week at an Atlanta-area hospice care centre.

Some things are more important than retirement.

David Letterman was called back into action this weekend with a brand-new Top Ten List inspired by the recent presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Appearing with his pals Martin Short and Steve Martin at their live comedy show Friday night in San Antonio, he made up for lost time…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfuXYh-BFoc_ 4:53 in

Remember a time – let’s call it ‘pre-K- or Pre Kardashian’ – when the Hilton’s ruled all things reality tv & groan worthy? Well Nicky Hilton got married over the weekend in a $75,000 dress!

Batman vs Superman trailer is out! vis comic-son