Underwear Company Underwire For Their Attempt At Getting Women Excited About The World Cup!

This is one way to get excited about soccer!

Mexican lingerie company Vicky Form has created a pair of knickers that vibrate every time a goal is scored during The World Cup!

The underwear brand unveiled the new product last Thursday ahead of the World cup kick off with a commercial that suggests that “every year four million couples separate because of soccer.”

If you have a soccer man in your life or hockey or football guy-you know that neglect you feel during the sports season!

The commercial also shows a women trying on the Vicky Form vibrating knickers, and she suddenly starts to take interest in the game.

The only problem I see with this product is- if the match is a low scoring event????

Naturally, people are freaking out on social media over this- But not really about the product but more so about the message…

I checked the Vicky Form’s website- for research purposes!

The vibrating Siente el Juego knickers are nowhere to be found on Vicky Form’s website, so it’s perfectly possible that they’ve taken them down after being slammed online or the whole thing is a joke designed to get people talking about the brand.

Twitter users have been quick to decry the advert and the product as grossly sexist, which of course they are. Plenty of women enjoy sports, including football, and are loving the World Cup.