Urinal Etiquette

There are a lot of rules apparently when stepping up to the stand up toilet!

If you’re a women, you may not know that there are a lot of rules that men follow when using a public washroom.  I was shocked to learn that there are so many rules!


Rule #1
For example: Men pee in silence, even if their best buddy is in there with them or they run into someone they know!
This is the biggest rule to follow when using the urinal.


Rule #2
If the option is available, never choose to pee in the urinal next to another person.

Rule #3
If you are the only one in the washroom, don’t choose the middle one- apparently that’s weird.


Rule #4
Don’t talk on your phone, even if you only need one hand to do what you gotta do.

Rule #5
If you go into pee with a buddy, don’t wait for that friend to be done. Do your thing- then move on. (Women usually wait for each other)


If you’re a stall guy- there are rules also

If you’re standing in a stall -leave the door slightly open so that it’s obvious it’s occupied, otherwise people will try to open the door into your back.


Flush the toilet before you go to give others a warning that you’re coming in


If something goes wrong with the toilet, always blame the person before you


Additional Rules include:

If working in a building with multiple floors, never use the bathroom on your own floor.  There’s nothing worse than running into a co-workers in the can and the awkward silence that ensues. 

Never get caught coming out of the ladies toilets which are much cleaner and better kept than the guys.  True story!