Use Booze to Plump your Skin! Yes, from wine face masks to beer shampoo, there are numerous ways to use alcohol to boost your beauty regime.

There are many reasons why you might like a gin and tonic, but to get […]

There are many reasons why you might like a gin and tonic, but to get smoother, glowing skin?  Sure, why not!!!!

The new Anti-aGin is distilled with 90g pure collagen – a protein that plumps up the skin – and a mix of anti-ageing botanicals, according to its creators.

But do they work? Femail’s drinks expert Helen McGinn puts a range of booze beauty treatments to the test . . .

How to use the Gin for Skin….all you need to do is fill a glass with ice and mix one-third Anti-aGin with two-thirds tonic, and add a slice of lemon.



Given that alcohol is an antiseptic capable of killing bacteria, it can, according to experts, banish odours from your feet. And by soaking your toes in a mixture of warm water and vodka, you can soften hard skin. Fill a bowl with warm water, enough to cover your feet. Then add half a cup of vodka. Submerge your feet for ten to 15 minutes.



Theory: In one of the most bling beauty tricks of them all, champagne’s effervescence and consistency is said to add shine and volume to hair by plumping limp strands, as well as bringing out any golden tones in blondes as it’s slightly acidic. After shampooing, comb a glass of champagne (though you can also use cheaper fizzy wines) through damp hair. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing off.


tequila-bottlesTEQUILA PEEL

Verdict: This is what I call a proper wake-up call. It took two minutes to make, and all from store cupboard ingredients (yes, even the tequila). I took the bowl into the shower and applied the first handful. It was oily, so lots ended up on the shower floor. But I soon got the hang of it – namely, slap and scrub as fast as you can.


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