Using emoji at school ‘could improve language skills’

If you kid doodles at school, it would be a good thing!

-Remember back in the day when you use to doodle on your binder? Those doodles were the first real Emojis when you think about it!  Check out how Dale & Charlie use to doodle in school…

Now it appears that one Professor is suggesting that those doodles/Emojis could improve children’s language skills…
Using smiley face, poo and broken heart emoji at school may sound like a strange idea but it could improve children’s language skills, according to an expert.


Vyvyan Evans, a former professor of linguistics at Bangor University, thinks teachers should be using more of the animated icons in class.  Professor Evans suggested if emoji were part of lessons they would stimulate something we don’t at the moment.  He added:‘Emojis are actually making us more effective communicators in the digital communication space because they’re filling in something that’s actually missing… the non-verbal cues that tell us how the message should be interpreted.’

So if he gets his way kids could soon be putting a thumbs up at the end of their sentences and not getting in trouble for it.

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