Victoria Beckham revealed that she was Drunk when She First Met David Beckham….

In British Vogue’s October issue, Victoria, 42, penned a unique letter addressed to her younger […]

In British Vogue’s October issue, Victoria, 42, penned a unique letter addressed to her younger self in which she chronicled the start of her love story before discussing her teenage insecurities including feeling ‘plump’ at 18.  The story of David and Victoria’s beginnings are well known as he famously revealed after seeing her in the video for the Spice Girls’ 1996 hit Say You’ll Be There he declared: ‘That’s the girl for me and I’m going to get her! She’s my idea of perfection. I knew that if she wanted me, we would be together forever.’


It has just been confirmed by Mel Gibson that “The Passion of the Christ” will be getting a sequel.


Gibson was made fun of for making a movie about his take on the life and death of Jesus, and with this announcement they haven’t been too shy about who they think will be cast in the sequel.

People on twitter writing;

A sequel to Passion Of The Christ is in the making. Kanye West has put himself forward for the role of Jesus Christ.

Mel Gibson confirms rumors of a “Passion of the Christ” sequel. It’ll be called “Passion 2: I Still Know Who You Crucified Last Summer.”

Mel confirmed that the film will be called the Resurrection!


Rihanna’s latest piece of body art is reportedly a symbol of her love for boyfriend Drake.


Celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang recently inked a camouflage shark on the Diamonds singer’s left ankle, and he hit Instagram on Thursday to show off the piece he created.  In the black-and-white shot, the shark is drawn horizontally on the front of her ankle…  A source close to the star reveals to Entertainment Tonight the tattoo is a nod to the stuffed animal Drake bought Rihanna during a romantic date at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in his native Toronto last month.  Rihanna was spotted carrying the stuffed animal in her Gucci bag while walking out of her New York City apartment on Monday.