VIDEO: Alessia Cara Literally Strips Down On Stage

Powerful Performance At MTV Video Music Awards

Brampton’s own Alessia Cara has always been about advocating self-love, true beauty, and just being who you are. And so, for the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, she did just that.

She had no make-up while walking down the red carpet– that’s the same red carpet that is known for so many celebrities wearing designer everything and looking ridiculously glammed up and fabulous.

And to further her point, during her performance of ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ she started out all dolled up only to, quite litterally, strip down as the song progressed. Taking off her wig, make-up and the fancy dress to reveal, just her.

In an essay Alessia wrote for Glamour last year she said,

“I want to show people that I am comfortable enough to go on national television and just be myself. It would only feel right if I am 100 per cent me.”

This article came out around the first time Alessia walked a red carpet bare-faced, last year for the VMAs.

In her article she also said,

“You can be natural. You can have a full face of makeup. You can be skinny or fat or short or tall. There is no definition for beautiful. There is no right or wrong way. Just be yourself”.

(Video & Image Courtesy of MTV/YouTube)