VIDEO: Could This Be Considered Justice?

United Airlines Shares Drop 4%

Some are calling it justice.

United Airlines shares have dropped 4% since receiving a ton of backlash for how a passenger was treated when he was violently dragged from a plane.

The flight from Chicago to Louisville was full with passengers and in order to make room for airline staff to board, United asked for volunteers to give up their seats. Passengers were offered $400 to leave, then $800, and when no one volunteered 4 passengers were randomly selected to deplane.

The first 3 were not happy but did as they were told, but the fourth man refused saying he was a doctor and needed to get home to treat patients. That’s when airport security got involved, and this happened:

Videos and social media posts from other passengers on the plane went viral in a matter of hours all over the world, and the airline quickly started receiving harsh backlash, which can be accredited to the drop in their shares.

United Airlines sent out a statement regarding the incident saying:

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(Video & Image Courtesy of @JayseDavid/Twitter)