VIDEO: Ed Sheeran’s Obsession With Ketchup Turned Commercial

Heinz Ketchup Ad Based on REAL Life Event

Ed Sheeran has been VERY open about his love for ketchup. –Not just any ketchup, HEINZ Ketchup. So much so that he has a tattoo of the bottle’s label on his arm!

(Courtesy of Ed Sheeran Instagram- @teddysphotos)

Ed had been sending Heinz possible ideas for commercials and one of those ideas that he direct messaged the company has now become, word-for-word, a TV ad!

Heinz posted the video to their YouTube channel with the caption:

“Heinz Tomato Ketchup superfan, Ed Sheeran, came to us with a great idea for a Heinz Advert based on his own experience. We were thrilled to make it happen. From one super fan to another. It has to be Ed Sheeran and Heinz.”

(Video & Image Courtesy of Heinz Ketchup/YouTube)