VIDEO: Mom NAILS Differences Between Your First Pregnancy & The Rest

"I feel like crap, but I mean, I have to keep the other ones alive, so this works."

In this hilarious and all-too-relateable video, Esther Anderson of the parenting blog Story of This Life, plays two kinds of moms. The first, is a first time mommy during pregnancy, knowing all the typical first-time parent answers about her baby like: exact size, what the baby is experiencing in her belly, her healthy diet, birth plan, etc. And the second pregnant mom is one that’s already had a baby, or two… or three, and is a little more laid back when it comes to her pregnancy this time around.

And all of this can be called “truth” since in reality, Esther has two kids already and another one on the way.

This video has been shared over 27,000 times on social media since being posted September 15th.

(Video & Image Courtesy of Story of This Life/Facebook)