Vinylpalooza –Barrie Record and CD Show –

Ferndale Banquet Hall

24 Ferndale Industrial Drive BARRIE

(Ferndale and Dunlop – near the ball hockey rinks and Simcoe Building)

10-3pm (early bird starts at 9:00)

Early Bird entry for $10 starts at 9:00am

Regular entry for $4 starts at 10:00am

Sunday, September 15 2019

FACEBOOK:  Vinylpalooza


705-795-0248 – Charlotte

Got Vinyl? Want Vinyl?  If you are an avid vinyl enthusiast – or just want to see what is happening, there are thousands of records on offer.

There will be 27 vendors from across the province selling, trading and buying records of all sizes, colours, shapes and prices.

You can round out your collection, or get a good start on a new collection.  Vinyl will be priced starting as low as a dollar and up to a few hundred and everything in between.

There will be expert vendors available to appraise your records or just chat about everything music.

Crate diggers will be glad to hear there are new vendors to check out.

27 vendors (dealers) from across Ontario are booked.

Dealers from London, Burlington, Mississauga, Sudbury, Toronto, Newmarket, Orillia, Acton, Keswick, Hamilton, Windsor and some from Barrie

There will be some vintage vinyl, new vinyl, collector’s items, Concert DVDs, CDs, posters, books, magazines.

Usually have turntables, speakers, record cleaners, and other miscellaneous equipment

Prices from $1 an album and up.  $2, $3, $4, $5, and up to a couple hundred per album – maybe even more for a rare and collectible piece of vinyl.

Perfect for collectors looking to score something off their list.

Loads of fun for people just starting out – you can buy the album cheap to find out if you like it – and then work on finding the copy you really want – or not.

Some of the Categories:

Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Metal, Country, Pop, Soundtracks, Classical, Spoken Word, Children’s Stories and Songs, Jazz, R&B, 50’s, 60’s, Disco, 80’s, Imports, Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Alternative, This n That, Dollar Bins, Picture Discs, Coloured Discs.

T-shirts, figurines, magazines, concert programs, collectible tins, buttons, posters, photos and more.

Draw prizes include Vinylpalooza Tshirts and Record Show certificates to use at the show

If you want to get in before everyone else and shop at the same time the dealers are shopping from each other – the Early Bird admission is just $10 and starts at 9:00am. Regular admission starts at 10:00am for $4.  The door proceeds will be donated to The Barrie Literacy Council.   We have donated almost $6,000 so far.

Barrie literacy Council purpose is to help adults in our community improve their basic reading, writing and math skills; to use
these skills in everyday living; to help them reach their goals; and to help them improve their self-esteem

Some websites with interesting info about vinyl:

For more information click HERE.