VIRAL MOMENT: Crock-Pot Facebook Drama? Only For Crockstars!

And we'll all just wanna be big crockstars, brewing soup!

Twitter lost it a few days ago over… the drama in a crock-pot Facebook group!
I cannot make this up, this is a REAL story.

Check out this Tweet that went VIRAL:

Plenty of folks chimed in after seeing this lengthy message:


While others, were still trying to process the information:

I can’t get over crockstar as a noun.

— maureek f. (@thingsnoticed) October 22, 2020

Apparently drama is common in Facebook groups like this:

I used to belong to a service dog puppy group, and hoo-boy, the drama we had there too.

— Gretchen (@GretchenHHH) October 22, 2020

INCREDIBLE. I love when the internet finds funny stuff like this!