VIRAL MOMENT: How One Call For Cards, Got THOUSANDS Of Responses!

Kindness exists in 2020 y'all! IT DOES!

Even though 2020 is arguably one of the toughest years we’ve all faced, there is still a HUGE amount of incredibly kind folks just doing their thang.

Case in point this awesome story from Philly.

Dr. Theresa Chapple tweeted out just a few days ago this plea to help her child’s four year old daughter fighting Sickle Cell (it says cancer, but that was a mistake):

A very simple request: some get well soon cards for a young, scared, brave kid who is in the hospital!

I don’t think the Doc understood what was coming next.


900 cards to be sent so far, and more coming!

So awesome to think that this stuff is still happening!

Here’s a pic of Zion with her mom, Sara Hicks below:

When Sara Hicks knew that her daughter, Zion, 4, was going to lose her hair with chemotherapy, she shaved her head too.

People have sent meal vouchers, toys, and so much more!

Here’s a couple of cards that have showed up:

Thanks to Dr. Theresa Chapple's Twitter request, hundreds of families are making cards to send to 4-year-old Zion Hicks.The Hicks family felt stunned that so many people responded to Dr. Theresa Chapple's request for cards for Zion.

If you want to send one, here is the address:

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Oncology Unit, Care of Zion Hicks

3401 Civic Center Blvd.
Room 37 – 3 East Oncology
Philadelphia, PA 19104