Waitstaff In California Could Face A $1000 Fine And Six-Month In Jail If They Give You A Straw

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If you are heading to California for a little trip and are planning on eating out. For the love of god, don’t ask your waiter for a plastic straw.

There’s a new bill proposal that would fine waiters up to $1,000 and six months in jail…


Under the bill, giving unsolicited plastic straws would be a misdemeanour.

The bill will prevent sit-down restaurants from offering their customers unsolicited plastic straws, or from serving drinks with them. However; customers can still ask for straws.

Plastic is a material that lasts forever, yet 33 percent of all plastics are used just once and thrown away,’  ‘Only 9 percent of all plastics are recycled, but due to their small size and lack of a resin code, no straws are ever recycled.’