Walking Dead Hit With A Major Fine

After a stuntman died this past summer!

Stalwart Films, which produces AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” has been hit with the maximum allowable fine for the death of series stuntman John Bernecker.

“OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) fined the company $12,675 for the company’s failure to provide adequate protection from fall hazards,” the statement reads.

In July, stuntman, Bernecker was filming a stunt for Season 8 with series regular Austin Amelio who plays Dwight on the show.

The stunt required him to fall approximately 22 feet off of a balcony onto a safety cushion below. According to the assistant director Matthew Goodwin, Bernecker failed to get a “good separation” from the balcony. He landed on his head and neck on the concrete next to the safety cushion…