Walmart Says It Will Now Deliver Groceries Right To Your Fridge!

Finding time to hit the grocery store can be a challenge! 

Many have now started to order online with the pick up option.  There are also chains that deliver your groceries to your door.

But how would you feel if your groceries were delivered right to your fridge?

Walmart is hoping that you will allow this option, letting an employee into your empty home to stock your fridge!

On Tuesday, Walmart announced that it had officially launched the service in three cities in the US: Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach, Florida.

The service is called Walmart InHome. If you want this service, you’ll have to do a few things first…

Instead of just leaving your key under a mat and hoping for the best, Walmart’s delivery system involves a bit of smart technology. 

First, customers must purchase a $50 smart lock (which normally retails for $250) or a smart garage door kit, which Walmart says it will install for free. 

Then they have to sign up for a subscription service that costs about $20 a month.  When people place their orders online through the app, a special code will be given to unlock your home.

There’s also an option that allows people to watch the delivery via livestream from a smartphone.