Want a Free Cottage? You just have to move it!

Free cottage in Tiny, ON. You remove it you can have it!

Sounds like a pretty good deal.  A Family is hoping to build a home on their land and instead of demoing their current cottage, they are offering up a chance to take it-FREE!  On one condition…

Here’s the Kijiji add!

Free cottage for the taking. We plan on building a new 4 season home next spring. This would be great if you have a piece of land to put it on at the beach or for hunting we are going to offer it for free. You make all the arrangements to have it moved from our site to your site then it is yours. NO LAND INCLUDED. JUST THE PHYSICAL COTTAGE. Serious inquiries only. Won’t be answering questions asking how much it costs to move etc. do your homework. If you want a free cottage then it’s worth it. If you still see this ad it’s still available.

Here’s the add!