Want A Good Night’s Sleep? Go To Bed At 10:39PM

Don't sleep naked!

According to a new report commissioned by eve Sleep – the sleep and mattress experts – there are things you can do to ensure a good night’s sleep!


Things like going to bed at the right time, sleeping in a cooler room, and switching off the devices well before bedtime.


If you truly want to get some much-needed rem, there are things that you should try. They are;

Stop using your phones 37 minutes before closing your eyes

Go to bed at 10.39 pm

Ensure your bedroom temperature is 16.1°C

Put on clean bedding

Make sure the room is dark

Have a room painted white

Make sure your bedroom is tidy

Wear pajamas

Read a book – not an e-reader!

Curl up on your right side with your legs curled up

Avoid cuddling with a partner


Almost half of the people in the survey confessed that they sleep better without their partner in the bed next to them. Just under 25% say they sleep naked!