Want a pair of Jeans with a window for your bum?

The next hot trend is wearing jeans with a window for your bum!

You looked at the clear knee mom jeans and thought ‘yeah, those are cool. But I’d rather show off my butt than my knees’.

Vetements, creators and purveyors of all things cool and overpriced, have just unveiled their ‘high rise distressed jeans’.

Which may sound pretty normal. But these particular high rise distressed jeans have something a little special: a zip you can undo to reveal your bum to the world.

Why oh Why, you ask?

Perhaps Vetements is just bored of the same old denim. Perhaps we’ve all been missing out on the joy of a cool breeze against our cheeks.  The jeans also feature zips along the backs of the legs, so you can showcase your entire lower half if you choose.


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