Warmer Weather Claiming Some Ice Huts, Don’t Let It Claim Yours

Police Recommend Getting Your Hut Off The Ice Before Mid-March Deadline

Thanks to some unseasonably mild weather, there’s barely any ice left on Lake Simcoe. This is making for a difficult scenario for some ice fishermen and their huts. You’ve probably seen on social media pictures of ice huts on Lake Simcoe partially submerged in the icy waters, or maybe even that pic of the camper trailer going through. South Simcoe Police say the deadline to get those huts off the ice still over two weeks away, but are recommending you get it off the ice now, so it doesn’t become a problem for others.
That’s South Simcoe Police Staff Sgt. Steve Wilson who went on to say, when you do go out on the ice to retrieve your hut, don’t go alone, and use your best judgement.

Staff Sgt. Wilson added you can’t just leave your hut out there for nature to reclaim either.

Ice fishing huts must be off Lake Simcoe by midnight on March 15th.