WARNING: A TikTok Trend That Could Destroy Your Kid’s Teeth!

This is not lit. Don't mess with your teeth fam.

TikTok is a wonderful platform, but there is also a WHOLE lot of disinformation on the app.

Case in point, a few weeks ago, a “teeth whitening” hack went around, that involved a pool chemical and your teeth.

Not a good “life hack” to destroy your pearly whites.

Well another trend has come around: “reshaping your teeth”.

Some people have been insecure about the shape/size of their teeth, so they grind them down using a nail file!


It can knock your teeth out of aliment, and it’ll damage your enamel in a way that cannot be repaired.

Here’s a dentist explaining how the pros do it:

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Let your kids know, yo, this is not the move.