Wasaga Beach Pulling Support From Collingwood Airport

Town To No Longer Financially Support For-Sale Facility

Wasaga Beach is taking off from a local airport. In a decision that still has to be ratified by council, the Town of Wasaga Beach is withdrawing support from the Collingwood Regional Airport. Mayor Brian Smith expressing disappointment with the Town of Collingwood for opting to sell the airport instead of jumping on board the development of a business park adjacent to the airport. “Because the Town of Collingwood intends to sell the airport, the Town of Wasaga Beach no longer sees value in continuing its involvement with the facility,” Mayor Brian Smith said. “Furthermore, we are disappointed by the Town of Collingwood’s decision to not support the development of a business park that is proposed for next to the airport. This lack of support for an economic development project that will provide good jobs in the region is unfortunate.” The town had provided financial support for the airport for a number of years, pulling out now that the Town of Collingwood is resolved to sell.