Wasaga Beach Taxes Rising 1.5% in 1016

Amount to just under $6/month for average homeowner

The property tax tax hike in Wasaga Beach next year will amount to about $70 for the average homeowner or $6 a month. Town council approved the budget late Tuesday. Among the projects in the budget:

  • widening of River Road from Brilligner Drive to Veterans Way
  • expansion of the RecPlex parking lot
  • developing a weekly summer market
  • establishing a downtown core on Main Street

Mayor Brian Smith commented that, “The 2016 budget maintains current service levels and focuses enhancements in areas related to economic development with the goal of building the tax base through economic growth. The 1.5% tax rate increase allows Council to invest in the future so that funds are available when major capital projects, such as the new multi-purpose recreation centre are undertaken. I am very proud of Council having considered two budgets in the same year (Council approved the 2015 budget in February, 2015) and implementing a number of the priorities it set for this term of Council.”