WATCH: 2 little sisters get into a heated debate over who farted in the car!

Silent by Violent....Yup! Lets play the Fart-Blame game!

Check out these 2 adorable little sisters getting into a heated debate over who farted?? They each blame each other…until one of them blames their dad!


Fart-Blaming Phrases

• He who observed it served it.
• He who detected it ejected it.
• Whoever rhymed it crimed it.
• Whoever spoke last set off the blast.
• Whoever smelt it dealt it.
• Whoever denied it supplied it.
• The one who speaks is the one who reeks.
• The smeller’s the feller.
• He who inculpated promulgated.
• The one who said the verse just made the atmosphere worse.
• Whoever pokes fun is the smoking gun.
• He who accuses blew the fuses.
• Whoever said the rhyme did the crime.
• He who refuted it tooted it.
• He who pointed the finger pulled the finger.
• He who articulated it particulated it.

Other phrases:

Who cut the cheese?
• Somebody’s baking brownies.
• He who blew the whistle blew the flute.
• Who sat on a duck?
• Ok… who did it?