WATCH: 2 Year Old Twins Boycott Bedtime For Party Time

Video Monitoring System Catches It All

Two year old twins Andrew and Ryan Balkin of New York City, wanted nothing to do with bedtime, so instead they made a pillow fort, and decided to skip out on sleep.

This hilarious time lapse video, showing the two toddlers getting out of their cribs and playing around the room together in the middle of the night, was captured on the ‘Nest’ monitoring system set up by the two proud parents of these late-night partiers, Jonathan and Susana.

The parents make an appearance in the video; cleaning up the room, putting their two boys back to bed and giving them a stern talking to about bedtime. But even after that, Andrew and Ryan escaped for one more heart-to-heart with each other on the couch, before going back to their beds for good.

Jonathan posted this video to Facebook on March 13th, with the caption “When the parents are away the cubs will play”, and it’s racked up over 11 million views!

(Video & Image Courtesy of Susana and Jonathan Balkin & FOX 46 Charlotte/Facebook)