WATCH: Another Save By the Bell Reboot Trailer

Not going over well with fans of the original

Saved By The Bell has hoards of fans who watched every Saturday morning. It is loved … in nostalgia. The reboot? Well, it seems that fans of the original are not looking forward to it, at least, not based on the newest trailer.
Some comments include:

  • This MIGHT have worked if the “kids” they used didn’t come off so cringy, the energy of the show seems off and the visuals look too glossy and lifetime-ey.
  • Honestly, Jimmy Fallon’s remake of Saved By the Bell looks more like a real Reboot than this one. how sad.
  • I feel like I’m the only one who’s sorta excited/okay with this…

Check out the new trailer and let me know what you think?

The show will be available through Corus in Canada. Corus owns a streaming platform called StackTV as well as traditional television channels. It’s unclear on what platform they will air the show.