WATCH: Bike Helmet Saves a Life

Video from the Tour de France shows the importance of helmets

Parents will always tell you that you need to wear a helmet when riding a bike. That sage wisdom was put into practice over the weekend. Australian Richie Porte lost control of his bike during the ninth stage of the Tour de France and fell off his bike. He crashed into another rider, Dan Martin, who still finished ninth during the 9th stage of the competition and still sits at 6th overall.

Warning: crash may be disturbing to some viewers

Richie Porte (the rider in red) loses control and crashes into Dan Martin (the rider in blue). In this scenario, Dan Martin’s helmet may have saved his life.

Martin was knocked off his bike and only lost a minute and 15 seconds in the race. He sustained no major injuries.

Richie Porte is currently recovering in hospital.

Hopefully this story will make you think twice about leaving your bike helmet at home.

CC image via Flickr