WATCH: Dad’s DIY Roller Coaster Made Daughter’s Dream Come True

He couldn't afford a trip to Disney World, this video changed everything...

One thing parents can all relate to is the fact that family vacations are expensive.

Victor Peoro didn’t have the money to take his daughter to Walt Disney World so he used a plastic bin and muscled his daughter through a front row point-of-view roller coaster ride using a flatscreen.

He then created a GoFundMe page with this message: “Our daughter would like to go to Disneyworld. Now if you’ve been to Disneyworld you know it costs $5.00 for a 16 oz bottle of water, let alone the ticket price. If you enjoyed our video, please think about making the dream come true!”

His goal of $3,000 was reached within a day of posting.

These were his words of thanks: “We wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and donations. The overwhelming response has been a roller-coaster of emotions….(Obligatory dad joke) Our goal has been reached, and I am putting the donations in a special account for a future trip. I am also disabling any future donations. I appreciate the offers and extensions of help but want to make clear that while a trip to Disney is somewhat a luxury , we are by no means destitute. There are many great causes and people out there who could use your help. We tentatively are planning the trip for sometime next year, and will share some photos when we make the visit. In the meantime please accept our profound thanks!”