WATCH: David Blaine Freaks Out Celebrities

People Who Get Squeamish Easily May Want To Stop Now

ABC aired  a special, “David Blaine: Beyond Magic,” Tuesday night, and clips of the magician’s tricks soon began to go viral. One featured Blaine performing in front of a group that included NBA stars Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, as well as Drake and Dave Chappelle, and they were understandably freaked. Blaine asked Chappelle to draw a small creature that could fit in Drake’s hand. The comedian drew a frog and, well, mayhem ensued.

Blaine also put on a stomach-turning display for David Beckham,  Victoria Beckham and actors Johnny Depp and Emma Stone. It involved using a wire hanger to retrieve a ring — that he had swallowed.

Blaine also caught a bullet with his teeth for the show’s big finale. They don’t call him the greatest illusionist of our time for no reason!

(Courtesy ABC/ClipIts/DavidBlaine)