Watch Donald Glover Give A Cribs-Style Tour Of The Millenium Falcon

Take A Tour Of The Ship Before Han Solo Had It

There’s no question Donald Glover is the coolest individual to ever walk this planet. The man is a Grammy-winning musician, Emmy-nominated writer, as well as comedian and actor. He can do it all.

Glover also happens to have one of his biggest roles coming up: playing the role of Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The infamous smuggler from the Star Wars franchise was actually the original owner of the famed Millennium Falcon before Han Solo got his hands on it. In the latest promo video for the Star Wars franchise, Glover gives a MTV Cribs-style tour through his ship in its original condition.

The only thing that’s unclear is, who’s cooler: Glover or the ship? Find out for yourself below:

Donald Glover will be both the musical guest and host on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, May 5th. Solo: A Star Wars Story drops May 23rd.