Watch: First Trailer For Michael Jackson Biopic

What Really Happened To The King Of Pop?

Lifetime has released the first trailer for their new biopic, Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland.

Based on the 2014 book written by MJ’s two body guards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, the film will focus on Jackson in his final years as he deals with the stress of being a father while preparing for his comeback tour, This Is It.

Since the last time someone tried to put Jackson on the screen was an epic fail, Lifetime has gone with a different route casting Navi, the self proclaimed worlds greatest MJ impersonator.

“He doesn’t want to be the King of Pop. He just wants to be Mike. A normal American dad.”

Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland premieres May 29 on Lifetime. Watch the first trailer below.