WATCH: Guy Loses Ring While Proposing At Baseball Game

She Did NOT Look Happy

As if the idea of proposing wasn’t stressful enough, this poor guy realized AFTER he popped the question and opened the box, that the ring wasn’t in it!

Andrew and his girlfriend Heather were watching the Boston Red Sox ( GO TEAM! 😀 ) play the New York Yankees ( BOO 😉 ) at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, when the video board fell on them and Andrew got down on one knee, proposed and then opened the empty box.

The whole stadium gasped, and Andrew panicked. Their entire section searched for the ring for about 5 minutes, which probably felt like an eternity to Andrew, until finally they found the ring in the cuff of her pant leg.

Oh and by the way, after all of this, she DID say yes!

(Video Courtesy of MediaTV/YouTube)

And this is what happened AFTER she said yes…

(Image & Video Courtesy of New York Yankees/Twitter)