WATCH: International yogi overcame depression & eating disorder

"People don't need to be skinny to do yoga."

Dana Falsetti was overweight and suffering from depression. She struggled with a binge eating disorder and her body image. Even after spending a year dieting and exercising to lose almost one hundred pounds, she still wasn’t happy. Until she found yoga.

Dana Falsetti lost nearly 100 pounds, but found she still wasn't happy with her body. Then she found yoga. Now, she's helping others find confidence through yoga classes that focus on body positivity.

Posted by Great Big Story on Sunday, June 18, 2017

“I got to my new body and everything was exactly the same,” said Falsetti in an interview with Great Big Story, “…before I practiced [yoga], I didn’t realize how capable my body was because I just felt it was fat and I was lazy […] I’m proud of [my body] now.”

Dana now teaches all of the world and is an advocate for being your true, beautiful self.

Thank you!! Just thank you. I somehow find myself in tears after workshops no matter how many times I teach them. The energy in the room after savasana, after I’ve shared my heart and soul and everything I have to offer, after all the students have done the same by showing up for themselves, I am overwhelmed. In the best way. I say it every time I teach but it’s truly the unexpected light of my life to share this practice and to share my true self. I can’t express how special it is to be met back with that same light from all of you. People fell for the first time, tried for the first time, and discovered new strength. We went around the room and shared why we were here, and so many of you came up after to share more. This is why it is my job and my first priority to create a safe space. Yoga isn’t happy go lucky sunshine and rainbows. We come to our mats for a reason. Some of us are healing ourselves from addiction and trauma. Some of us are trying to know ourselves better so we can live fully. Some of us are navigating death, tragedy, loss. Some of us are trying to become present in our bodies. The beautiful thing is we all come together to create this amazing, supportive environment where everybody is welcome to have the exact experience they need to have. That is my goal as a teacher. To offer that space, to share myself fully, to give you a toolbox of knowledge so YOU can empower yourself. It’s an incredible thing for me to watch, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing yourselves with me as I do with you. Lots of love and thanks again to @onedowndog for hosting me, and to every student who showed up, traveled, wrote me a card, brought me a coloring book or a book of poetry or a bracelet or a pre-roll. I cherish you all and never forget what you share with me. Thank you 💓

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