Watch: James Corden Spices Up His Life With Victoria Beckham In ‘Mannequin’ Skit

Ha-See-Ya, Hold Tight!

James Corden added some ‘spice’ to his usual Carpool Karaoke segment on Thursday night.

Corden did a spoof on the 80’s film Mannequin , that featured Victoria Beckham as the Mannequin.

In case you haven’t seen the Kim Cattrall 80’s classic (don’t worry – you’re not alone) the premise goes something like this. “He was a talk show host, and she was a mannequin who turned his world upside down. To everyone else, he’s a disaster. The world couldn’t understand their love. Like, really couldn’t understand their love. No, seriously—they didn’t get it. Their love wasn’t meant for this world.

After Beckham complains to Corden that she wants to be around others like her, he pledges to return her home (AKA Target). After a quick trip (and the aforementioned brief Carpool Karaoke segment) they make it to their destination, where Beckham met other mannequins (who conveniently happen to be wearing her collection for Target).

Watch below: