WATCH: Josh Groban, Sophie Turner & James Corden Turn ‘Baby Shark’ Into A Ballad

Hottest New Nursery Rhyme Gets A 'Late Late Show' Spin

If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, or if you have access to internet, you’ve heard this new kid’s song ‘Baby Shark’.

It has even become so viral it even has its own hashtag, #BabySharkChallenge, when people film themselves singing and dancing along to their own versions of the song.

So leave it to The Late Late Show host James Corden to step up to the challenge.

Under the dim glow of a crystal chandelier, James did a beautiful and soulful rendition of the hottest new nursery rhythm today.

Joining him in this emotional performance were, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and a true crooner, Josh Groban.

Take a listen for yourself –but I warn you, this tune will be stuck in your head for weeks!

(Video & Image Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube)