WATCH: Lori Loughlin Talk About How Excited She Is That Her Daughter Got Into College!

You’d do anything for your kids- but would you commit a crime to get them into school? 

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are two of as many as 50 that have been charged in a College exam scheme and Admissions bribery scam…

Felicity Huffman is charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud for allegedly paying money to help get her daughter into an elite school.   The FBI say that Felicity, who is the wife of William H. Macy (Shameless) was arrested Tuesday morning. 

There is currently a warrant out for Lori Loughlin’s arrest- she was out of town.  Lori is accused of paying upwards of $500,000 in order to get her kid into school!

William “Rick” Singer leaves the federal courthouse after facing charges in a nationwide college admissions cheating scheme in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., March 12, 2019. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

This comes down to the very rich paying a lot of money to get their under-achieving kids into elite schools!  They allegedly did this through a fake charity/ non-profit set up by the the ringleader who laundered the money from the parents to participates in college entrance exams cheating scam…  Felicity and Lori appear to be the biggest celebrity names caught in this scandal, but there are so many others involved… More details to follow as they become available!

Here’s Lori in 2017 talking about her daughter going to college on the Today show!