Watch: Macklemore Gives His 100 Year Old Grandma The Best Birthday Ever

In The Video For His New Song "Glorious"

Rap videos are generally known for a few things. Extravagant parties, champagne and hot ladies in skimpy clothing for example. They don’t usually feature 100th Birthday celebrations with the rapper’s grandma…until now.

Macklemore needed a video for his new single Glorious, so he surprised his Grandma, Helen, at her house for her 100th Birthday and filmed the entire day. Macklemore promises her that they’re going to spend the entire day together doing whatever she wants to do.

They hop into a convertible, egg a house, by some new shoes, sing karaoke, go to an arcade before finishing off the day back at Grandma’s house where she plays bridge with her friends and is visited by an exotic dancer.

It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Also, Macklemore’s Grandma is my spirit animal.

Watch the video below: