Watch: New Trailer For “Jumanji” Reboot Starring The Rock Released

The Movie Hits Theatres This Christmas

Everyone who grew up in the 90’s remembers Jumanji. The classic Robin Williams film is about a little boy who became trapped in a board game in the 60’s, only to be released when kids who moved in to his old house found the game and opened it.

It was easily one of the greatest films released in the 1990’s.

As we all know, Hollywood can’t leave well enough alone, so of course Jumanji is being remade. The reboot stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jacl Black & Nick Jonas to name a few.

A new trailer has been released and….well…if you grew up with the original you probably won’t be impressed, but your kids might like it.

Check out the full trailer below: