WATCH: P!nk & Channing Tatum Play Husband & Wife

Music Video For 'Beautiful Trauma' Released

P!nk released the music video for her tune ‘Beautiful Trauma’ off her latest album of the same name, and I’m in love!

The 50’s style video stars P!nk as ‘Ginger Hart’ and the gorgeous Channing Tatum as her husband ‘Fred Hart’. The names are a play on P!nk’s real-life husband Carey Hart’s name and paying homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, (yes, they have a dance scene in the video)!

Ginger tries desperately to be the perfect wife; cleaning the house and baking, but she ends up ironing a hole through Fred’s shirt and burning the pie. Fred isn’t perfect either, taking swigs of his flask at breakfast and even being caught dressing up as a woman?!

(Image & Video Courtesy of PinkVEVO/YouTube)