WATCH: The AGT 2018 Semi-Finalists Are Set

Who's your pick to win??

This is it, the incredible 7 Semi-finalists of America’s Got Talent have been selected.

There are plenty of singing shows, I’ve always favoured magic and illusion more for this show. Which is why my pick to win is…

Aaron Crow

Daniel Emmet

Brought back as a ‘wild card’ but this performance shows he belongs

Us the Duo

As if this married couple didn’t have enough to be excited about with the arrival of a baby soon

Brian King Joeseph

Despite being diagnosed with a nerve disease that takes away the feeling in his hands and feet, he could win it all

Christina Wells

This voice makes you stop what you’re doing and listen


This Austrian aerial act makes me feel really out of shape

Michael Ketterer

Time to get emotional

Who’s your pick to win it all? America’s Got Talent Sem’s take place Sept. 4 & 11. The Grand finale goes Sept. 18th.