WATCH: The Perfect and Most Joyful Gymnastics Routine

Jaw dropping moves!

Several  years ago, Katelyn Ohashi was an Olympic hopeful. But, she left elite level gymnastics because the sport had sucked all the joy from her.

In a video released in August of 2018, titled “I Was Broken”, Ohashi explains that gymnastics was her life, and she hated herself.  Externally, gymnastics fans would tell her she wasn’t good enough; she was called a “bird that couldn’t fly”; her weight was criticized even when she was “skinny”. Internally, she, herself, was so worried about being “kicked out” that she wouldn’t eat a meal without constantly exercising after a meal “just to feel good enough to go to bed”.

But, she was good at gymnastics. She felt she was on a path of almost invincibility, then her back gave out. With major injuries, she said she wanted to experience what it was like to be a kid again. So, she left the elite levels and decided to try gymnastics at the college level.

It took her finding her new coach, “Miss Val” at UCLA, and “having a different goal and path to follow to finally find joy and love with the sport again”.

This weekend, 21 year-old Katelyn Ohashi scored perfect on her floor routine at the Collegiate Challenge.  Not only are her moves incredible, but her joy is infectious! Watch the video below.



This is not the only time one of her routines has gone viral. Check out her Moonwalk!


Images: Youtube/UCLA